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Getting Politics

VOTING FOR DEMOCRATS - Yes, it really is a lot like this!

SAFETY GLASSES? - Protection from bullshit getting in your eyes

THE MIDDLE CLASS - do not spend $6,800 on a Jacket

AMERICANA - Getting back to Basics

SWAMPLAND - Can we interest you in some swampland in Florida?.....

BARNEY IS MOONLIGHTING - Guess where he spends time when he goes back to Boston to get in touch with his electorate- that's right: Logan Int'l Airport!

BLAME BUSH GAME - This game went out of style back in 08/09 when Democrats had absolute control over both the Executive and Legislative branches of our Government.

PUBLIC FUNDING FOR MOSQUE? - ORLY? whatever happened to separation of church and state. No Federal funding for the Mosque!

OBAMA AT HIS WINDOW - You just can't satisfy all the people

IMMIGRATION REFORM - Just getting ready for the cameras for a speech about immigration reform..

Perspective -